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I was browsing “The Art of Frozen” and my eyes were glued on this drawing concept of Elsa’s room…I don’t remember seeing the whole layout of her room during her and Anna’s mourning scene in “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” because they just zoomed out the camera when Elsa was crying, revealing just a few details. In the film, two chairs can be seen beside Elsa while she was sitting down on the floor and leaning against the door, and there’s another one that is by her bedside table. But in the art concept, there’s another chair that was placed far away from the door, but DIRECTLY facing it. I don’t know why this made me so sad. It makes me wonder, imagine, if in some alternate universe, had Elsa positioned that chair next to the door because she was regularly waiting for Anna to knock and talk to IT while she listens in silence, holding onto the doorknob and fighting the urge to open it? Is that where she would sit quietly and have her tea, stifling her laughter while she listens to Anna tell her a funny story? And why was the other one directly facing the door, but in quite a distance in this picture, not the opposite way where it would acquaint itself with her windows instead? I’m thinking it’s because Elsa was training her eyes on the door, waiting for the hours to go by, her hand clasping her mouth in an attempt to silence her sobbing when she hears Anna’s defeated footsteps walking away after she ignores her knocks, wondering if there will ever be a day when she won’t hurt her sister any longer. She would sit as far away from the door, fighting the urge to run to it and open it but she never would although her eyes (and her heart) never left its sight; her whispered “I’m sorry” and “I love you, Anna” were always met by that damn piece of wood, never quite reaching Anna’s ears…It’s the little details that people overlook that will always do their damage once you pay attention to them. Call me crazy, but there’s just a lot of heartbreak in this film. Even the art in itself pinpoints to that.

The animators had possibly positioned these chairs in that order so that Elsa can be near and far away from Anna all and both at the same time. 

I think I’m just gonna sit in a corner and cry.

So I hear that there’s some fandom out there about hunting satanists and demons and corpses and ghosts and shit like that…

yet somehow I still really doubt it is as fucking sadistic as the Frozen fandom, the one that is about a Disney Princess movie.

Why would you even do this to us?

: *bows politely* and that, my friend, is the perfect description of the “Frozen” fandom. We’re a bunch of sadistic, masochistic, and overly enthusiastic head over heels in love with two drop dead gorgeous and complicated fictional monarchs. Is that demon hunting fandom you speak of “Supernatural”….? Because I’m also part of that. If it’s a literal thing, then I need to find and join this fandom. Glad you have suffered with me, this observation of Elsa’s room tore me apart. And it was fantastic. Let the storm rage on.

*ahem* another thing, the door could be that far away because it’s in the perfect spot for Elsa to see Anna’s feet under the door without laying on the ground in front of it where Anna could reach out and touch her.
also Anna could see Elsa in the chair if she peeked under the door.
just sayin

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